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Pearl as an Oil Barge

Barges are used for carrying goods and equipment by water, transported by tugboats. Specialised barges exist, such as fire barges, oil barges, and light barges. These have appeared in all thirteen episodes of the show.

Only 4 barges gained names, they are Pearl, Lord Stinker, Frank & Eddie.

Barges were used as the stolen items in the episode Pirate. They were taken unknowingly by Sea Rogue from Ten Cents in late evening and night. In later scenes, they were used as bait, and carried flares that were very sensitive.

Billy Shoepack is often seen towing a barge loaded with dynamite, in episodes such as Up River and Trapped.

In Bigg Freeze, a light barge was seen to replace the then un-fueled Lillie Lightship, to guide S.S. Vienna, the cruise liner, so that both the Star Fleet and Zero Fleet could reload her.

Warrior is most frequently seen pulling garbage barges around the port. His favourite is named Lord Stinker. An old sunken garbage barge was what Boomer sank upon in the episode Jinxed.

In the Munitions, Ten Cents bravely shifted the Star Line oil barge out to sea, and away from the port when it caught alight in a serious fire caused by Bluenose.

In Warrior, Big Mac's overloaded stone barge was sunken by Warrior, travelling at high speeds and creating large waves. However, in a deleted scene, Big Mac is depicted upon the stone barge itself.

In Sunshine, as Ten Cents and Sunshine meet for the first time, barges are depicted behind them with 'Water' written on the sides. These are later used to stop logs from escaping with the currents in the episode Up River.


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