The Tugs board game is a rare board game released in 1990 by Octogo Games and is based on the Tugs universe, set in Bigg City Port.



  • Not all the Star and Zero tugs appear on the board game; the characters that didn't appear in the game are Big Mac, O.J., Hercules and Zak.
  • The board game says that Johnny Cuba is from Cuba when he speaks with an Australian accent in the TV Series. This mistake must have led from his surname, Cuba.
  • S.S. Vienna is the only ocean liner from TUGS to not appear in the board game.
  • The Duchess' nationality was British, but in a rare picture from Sunshine, she has a American flag on her front mast.
  • It says that Zebedee is owned by Captain Star, but as Zebedee is a Z-Stack, he should be owned by Captain Zero, this is probably due to the ending of High Winds, where Ten Cents offered him a place within the Star Fleet.
  • This is one piece of merchandise where Captain Star is spelt 'Starr', as in "Ringo Starr".
  • Ten Cents is structured as "10 Cents".