There are several buoys that are around Bigg City Port. Many buoys appear to have faces, but only one of them ever speaks, notably one of the bell buoys that appear in Pirate, having been 'silenced' by the pirates in order for them to make their escape. Warrior had also run into one of them by accident in the episode whilst teaming up with Top Hat to catch the thief. Also, in Jinxed, a "wreck" buoy appears briefly, as well as another that sinks when Ten Cents hoots his whistle. 

Voice Actors

Bell Buoy



  • According to Jeremy King, one of the modelmakers mentions that the wreck buoy was purposely painted to have a hungover look in its eyes as a joke between the crewmembers.
  • Some of the buoys were sold along with O.J.'s face masks.


  • Takara (with Ten Cents, Top Hat, Sunshine, Zorran, Dock and Crane Set and the Portable Port Set; discontinued)


Merchandise Gallery

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