Clearwater features

Clearwater Features Ltd. was a film production company in Shepperton Studios, UK that created the hit Television South children's show TUGS and produced the first two series of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends from 1984-1986 for Britt Allcroft Railway Productions. The company was founded by Robert D. Cardona and David Mitton who originally directed Thomas. They also produced commercials alongside TUGS and Thomas. It eventually closed down on New Year's Eve 1990. When Britt Allcroft returned home from the US, she purchased the TUGS models, and Thomas remained in production from 1991-2003 until it was absorbed by HiT Entertainment in 2004.


  • Big Mac is seen towing a barge with a model of the Clearwater Features logo throughout the episode, Regatta.
  • When Clearwater Features was shut down, Robert Cardona went to live in Canada while David Mitton went to work for The Britt Allcroft Company.

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