Goods Engine

The Goods Engine

The Dock Railway is a railway company in Bigg City Port. The name of it was seen on the side tanks of the Goods Engine that the Dock Railway owns it, it most likely also owns Puffa and all the other engines seen in Bigg City. It also owns the railway bridge that crosses the canal. After the accident in High Tide, it is unknown that the bridge got rebuilt or the Goods Engine being repaired.

Unlike Tugs' sister series, Thomas & Friends, the engines in Tugs do not have faces, and speak with megaphones, although Puffa was the only engine that could speak.

The railway and the Goods Engine seem to be based on the New York Dock Railway, which was located alongside the Hudson River, in New York City. It carried out a very similar purpose to the Dock Railway in the Tugs series, and even had car float docks and New York Central Tugboat 13.