"I'm standing by waiting for orders to proceed to the old dock."
— Fire Tug, Munitions



Fire Tug
  • Type: Harbour Tug
  • Affiliation: The Fire Station

The Fire Tug (also known as the Fire Launch or Fire Chief) is in his own right, quite a significant character, although he does not have his own individual name, he had a major role in the health, safety and well-being in Bigg City Port. The Fire Tug is stationed at the Fire Dock.

He is seen as an authoritarian figure and was often around when chaos was happening in the Port.

A second Fire Tug was seen in Jinxed.


The Fire Tug is level headed, bright eyed and down-to-earth, although his stubble makes him appear quite rough. However, he is alert and keen to get to work. He speaks with a Cockney accent. He is painted white and red.

His whistle sounds like a quiet, middle-pitched horn, also he has a siren.
Fire Chief Hooter 01
Fire Chief's Siren

Like Billy Shoepack, the Fire Tug could move his wheelhouse and eyes rather than having immobile features in certain episodes.



Voice Actors

Behind the Scenes

  • His model was found in early December 2012, and he was later sold to The Star Tugs Company.


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