"Always our fault, eh Frank?
Never 'is, eh Eddie?
— Frank and Eddie, Munitions


Frank and Eddie
  • Type: Railway Barges

Frank and Eddie are a pair of twin railway barges (also known as car floats) who work with Top Hat, the railway tug, and are used for the transportation of railway rolling stock across the port. They are very quick-witted and are among the few that can deal with Top Hat's self-proclaimed superiority. Both of the twins speak with a Cockney accent.


Frank and Eddie are painted faded brown. Their names are painted on black nameplates in white underneath their faces.



Voice Actors



  • They only had one stationary face mask each.
  • Frank was included in Takara's Top Hat set.
  • They are the only railway barges in the series.
  • It is currently unknown where their models are.
  • Their face masks are based on Stan Laurel (Frank) and Oliver Hardy (Eddie).


  • Takara (Frank only; discontinued)


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