Fultan Ferry
  • Type: Paddle-Driven Ferry

The Fultan Ferry is a paddle-driven ferry used for freighting vehicles and goods across the harbour. She is owned by The Fultan Ferry Company of Bigg City Port. She first appears in Sunshine and plays a major part in Quarantine, where she sank in the middle of the port after hitting a fire barge towed by O.J. she was later salvaged by Mighty Mo.

Although she doesn't speak in the original series, she is voiced by Scott McNeil in the American spin-off, Salty's Lighthouse, in which she loses part of her paddle wheel and sinks to the bottom of the port. She is referred to as "Fultan" by Grampus.


The Fultan Ferry's name and/or herself may be based on the Fulton Ferry that operated in New York City which Bigg City Port is partially based on. The Fultan Ferry operated between Brooklyn and Fultan Street in Manhattan.



Voice Actors


  • In Salty's Lighthouse, the Fultan Ferry has a speaking role despite not having a face or a megaphone.
  • The Fultan Ferry has the same whistle sound as Sea Rouge and Bluenose.
    Bluenose Hooter 1
  • The Fultan Ferry also appeared in TUGS' sister show, Thomas & Friends.


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