"There's no garbage today."
— Jack, "Regatta"



Jack the Grappler
  • Type: Grapple crane

Jack is the Municipal Garbage Corporation's grapple crane. Unusually, he has a face on his grapple bucket, unlike any other crane. The teeth on his bucket also give the impression of his mouth.

Most of Jack's speaking parts were shared with Warrior. On the 4th of July, he wears an Uncle Sam hat, and repeats the line "no garbage today", much to Warrior's confusion.



Books and Annual Stories


  • Jack is the only non-marine character with a face, all other cranes, business managers, and Puffa spoke through megaphones.
  • Jack's face is located on his garbage grappling bucket.
  • In Bigg Freeze, Jack had a cold. An out of order board was kept beside him.
  • A similar grapple crane appeared in the annual story, Loading Grain.
  • Jack was renamed to "Scoop" in Salty's Lighthouse.

Voice Actors


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