• Affiliation: Navy

Kraka-Toa is an old naval tramp steamer who first appears in Munitions. At the start of the episode, she was being loaded with ammunition and taking fuel at the same time, a dangerous practice. Due to fuel drums falling onto explosives and a spark from Bluenose's stack after the latter hit Zorran's barge, the dock caught fire, thus setting off the explosives and fuel that had been taken aboard her. Since she was nearly fully loaded, her cargo literally "ripped her apart" as Zorran predicted, and she was destroyed and fatally sunk in the water.



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  • Kraka-Toa was named after the equally explosive volcano Krakatoa, which exploded in 1883 and caused much disturbance in the global climate for a while afterwards.
  • Although Kraka-Toa was destroyed in Munitions, she makes a cameo in the Bigg City Freeze Photo Book; it is assumed that either Bigg Freeze was filmed before Munitions, she was repaired, or she was to be rebuilt as another naval tramper character for the cancelled second season of Tugs.


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The Naval ShipKraka-Toa

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