Loading Grain is the first story in the TUGS 1989 Annual.


It is a busy day in Bigg City Port, and both the Star Fleet and the Z-Stacks are on the same job of transporting grain to Izzy Gomez for him to take up the coast. When they are close to finishing, Warrior waits at the front of the line to have his barge loaded by Scuttlebutt Pete when Zorran arrives and deliberately pushes him forward. However, Scuttlebutt Pete has already released the lever, and the load of grain spills allover Warrior instead of the barge. Warrior manages to sneeze the grain off, which lands allover Zorran. Warrior apologises, claiming he couldn't help it!



  • In the illustrations, Warrior does not have his firehose on him.
  • It would not need so many tugs to be working on the same contract for one vessel, when there are plenty of other jobs to be done throughout the harbour.
  • Izzy Gomez's face is extremely out of scale.