"Rubbish can be valuable stuff!"
— Lord Stinker, High Tide


Lord Stinker
  • Affiliation: Municipal Garbage Corporation
  • Nationality: British

Lord Stinker (commonly referred to as His Lordship) is a garbage barge, owned by the Municipal Garbage Corporation. He is Warrior's favourite garbage barge.


When a regatta was being held on the 4th of July, Warrior had taken Lord Stinker to the garbage dumb to collect garbage. When they arrived, Jack told them that there is no garbage today, so does the garbage master. After they convinced Warrior about no garbage day, the master explained that they are going to make Lord Stinker their float for the regatta. Later on, when Warrior went to collect Lord Stinker, he was filled with garbage and decorated in colourful streamers. He and Warrior then left for the regatta.

When there was a fire at the old dock at night, Warrior, who was taking Lord Stinker to the garbage dump during that time, noticed the red sky. Realizing that it was a fire, Warrior left Lord Stinker and set off to the old dock.

Top Hat has also been known to work with Lord Stinker. There was one time where Captain Star sent Top Hat to pick up Lord Stinker and take him to the garbage dump, much to Top Hat's disgust. Later on, when Zebedee and Zak went through the canal as a shortcut, they met up with Top Hat, who was going through the canal with Frank, Eddie and Lord Stinker. Zebedee and Top Hat both tried to go through the canal to find out who would go through first, but Zebedee's load ended up colliding with the railway bridge. Top Hat then had idea, which was to prop the bridge up with Zebedee's load. The plan worked and lasted until the mail train crossed the bridge. After the mail train crossed the bridge, it collapsed along with Zebedee's load. Lord Stinker had an idea, which was to attempt to catch the next train by waiting in front of the broken rail. His idea worked and no serious damage was done to the goods engine or its wagons.

When the S.S. Vienna came to visit Bigg City Port, Warrior had to find an empty barge as she would have garbage to unload. However, he was having difficulties finding an empty barge and Lord Stinker was full. All the barges which were full could not be emptied because Jack was out of action due to the freeze up. Luckily, warrior was able to find reasonably suitable barge, which was half empty.


Lord Stinker is painted brown all over with a light grey roof. In the book Kidnapped, his face is the same colour as his hull.



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  • Lord Stinker, Pearl, Frank and Eddie are the only barges with names and faces.
  • Lord Stinker wears a clothes peg on his nose to prevent smelling his own garbage.
  • Lord Stinker has no visible mouth, however, it is likely that his hull is his mouth.
  • Lord Stinker, Pearl and some standard barges all share the same model.