"You! Give me a tow, eh?"
— Nantucket asking Sunshine to take him into port, Quarantine


  • Nationality: Lancastrian

Nantucket (nicknamed Old Dirt Bucket by Sunshine and Zorran) is a filthy, old tramp steamer and a notorious villain.


Nantucket's main appearance is in Quarantine, in which he attempts to trick Sunshine into taking him into port by pulling down his chequered, quarantine flag. After his plan is foiled, the Coast Guard sentences him to further forty days in quarantine along with Zorran, who falls into Nantucket's trap. He also appears in the episode Trapped, as he takes the role of being the tramper that Zug was supposed to take to the breaker's yard. In the process he blocks the waterway and several of the Star Tugs and Zug up river. Billy Shoepack takes several measures, up to the point where he blows the ship up in half. He also makes another cameo in Ghosts.

He speaks with a Lancastrian accent.



Books and Annuals

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  • His hull was adapted for Old Rusty.
  • In Salty's Lighthouse, Nantucket is named "Tramper". In some episodes he is able to speak, but in others he communicates with a foghorn sound effect instead and is less villainous.


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