"Got a problem Bluenose? We told you the Stars were the best tugs in the harbour, and now we've proved it!"
— Sunshine
Naval Manoeuvres

County Studios

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Naval Manoeuvres is the third story of the TUGS 1990 Annual.


One of the most difficult jobs that Captain Star's fleet has to handle is moving the great Naval ships around the port. These ships are often carrying explosives, and it is a tricky job for the tugs to manoeuvre them safely into the docks. Hercules is away up the coast, Ten Cents and Warrior are moving equipment in the old docks, so Captain Star calls the remaining tugs that are free of work. The job is surprisingly to bring in the Kraka-Toa into Bigg City. Sunshine, Big Mac and O.J. are assigned for the job. As they crossed the harbour, Bluenose, the officious Naval Tug, comes steaming up. Concerned, Bluenose buds into the conversation, and when Big Mac says the Stars are the bravest tugs around, Bluenose decides to come along, to make sure they are going under proper order. Soon the four approach the Kraka-Toa and all button towlines, except Bluenose. Sunshine keeps close to O.J. for extra assistance and to learn from the elder tugs as well. As Bluenose is ordering them about the other side of the vessel, O.J.'s towline snaps. Immediately, Sunshine throws a line at the Kraka-Toa quick as lightning. Bluenose rushes to the scene, but he is too late. Everything is under control again, as if nothing had happened. Sunshine speaks up to the Star Fleet name, proving they are the best fleet in Bigg City Port.



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