According to the Star Fleet, orders come before common sense for those who are part of the Navy. Both the Star Fleet and Z-Stacks help transport munitions and explosives for them. There is a naval base up the coast. The Navy has played a major role in Munitions and Regatta/4th of July. In the former, the navy tramper Kraka-Toa was being loaded with fuel and munitions but was destroyed along with the dockside due to the actions of Bluenose. In Regatta, Grampus, having been deemed obsolete, was chosen to be used for target practice. After trying to avoid them constantly, he finally gave in, but the Star Tugs saved him from being blown up. Later that day, he was then purchased by Captain Star.




Tramp Steamers




  • Pirate (Grampus only)
  • Ghosts (Grampus speaks, Kraka-Toa cameo)
  • Warrior (Grampus and Old Rusty)
  • Munitions (Bluenose, Grampus and Kraka-Toa)
  • Regatta (Bluenose, Grampus and The Navy Ship)


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