There are quite a few other places featured in the Tugs series that have played major roles in some episodes.

These include:

  • Big Boulder Rock Co.: Home of the Quarry Master. In Warrior, the rock company contracted out to the Star Fleet and the Z-Stacks to supply stone for the construction of the new port.
  • The Ferry Pier: Seen in the episode Quarantine, as well as in the background of other episodes, the Ferry dock is the home to the Fultan Ferry, where it is loaded with cargo and vehicles.
  • The Canal: A shortcut through Bigg City sometimes used by the tugs. It has numerous bridges passing over it, including railway bridges. The Star Fleet have been ill-advised by Captain Star to not use the canal during Naval inspections. In High Tide, a bridge spanning the canal collapsed after colliding with a large rig pulled by Zebedee. It was contracted to The Steel Company to be repaired, and completed by the following episode.
  • Old Docks: There are several abandoned docks seen and mentioned in the series. In Warrior, some of the older docks were being rebuilt, while in High Winds and Pirate, criminals used the abandoned docks as a hideout.
  • The Crane Inlet: Appearing briefly in the "Ghosts" as a shortcut for O.J., a number of old cranes are kept here, including Scuttlebutt Pete.
  • The Gulley: Seen in Bigg Freeze in the small port at the river mouth. Sunshine and Ten Cents had no choice but to follow the shallow waters when trapped by a fire barge to get the emergency light barge to the S.S. Vienna.
  • The Logging Camp: As seen in Up River and Trapped, this is where the logs are stored in a lake, ready to be tied up and brought down-stream. Logs can pile up and cause a jam, as it did in Up River.
  • Milk Company: Mainly seen in the canal of the episode High Tide, it also made appearances in various other episodes. It is a single warehouse building.
  • Top-Town: In Trapped, Sunshine mentions to Billy Shoepack of Top-Town, further Up River, asking whether a floating crane was stored there. It is unclear whether Sunshine was referring to a nickname of an upriver location or the actual name.