Ten photo books of the TUGS episodes were made. They were adapted from the original scripts by Penny Morris.


  1. Sunshine
  2. Pirate
  3. Trapped
  4. The Unlucky Tug (Jinxed)
  5. High Winds
  6. Ghost Fleet (Ghosts)
  7. Up River
  8. Warrior's Longest Day (Warrior)
  9. High Tide
  10. Bigg City Freeze (Bigg Freeze)


  • For unknown reasons, Quarantine, Munitions and Regatta were not made into photo books.
  • There were rare hardcover releases of the photo books, in addition to the paperbacks. Only Up River, and the ISBNs of High Winds and Ghost Fleet are known to be existing.
  • The nautical flags on the backs of the photo books are; Tango (T), Uniform (U), Golf (G), and Sierra (S), they were arranged to spell the name of the series.
  • The character profile pictures also appear in the Buzz Books.



Japanese Books Gallery

The Tugs' Photobook Profile Pictures

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