Princess Alice
  • Type: Ocean Liner
  • Nationality: American
Princess Alice is the most prominent of the three ocean liners to appear. She appeared in three episodes.


In High Winds, she was in need of repairs, and the Stars (and Zebedee) all fought against the heavy winds to bring her safely into port. When she appeared in Regatta, she was fully repaired and was celebrating Independence Day heartily with the other vessels. She was also portrayed as a male, though this easily could have been her captain. She makes a brief cameo in High Tide. She could also be the sister ship to The Duchess as they have the same livery. In Salty's Lighthouse, the Princess Alice became "Princess Anne".

Her horn is shared with S.S. Vienna and The Duchess.
Vienna Horn 01

Behind the Scenes

  • Princess Alice's model is shared with The Duchess and S.S. Vienna, albeit repainted and with a modified funnel arrangement.



Stylistically, with her Edwardian lines and twin funnels, Princess Alice closely resembles the Canadian vessels Empress of Britain, and her sister Empress of Ireland which sunk in the St. Lawrence River in 1914; she might also be based on the Cunard Line's RMS Queen Elizabeth. Her name also seems to reference another doomed vessel - the Princess Alice.


  • Her profile card in the TUGS Board Game gives her nationality as American.
  • Even though she is female, her voice sounds more like a male's.

Voice Actor


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