Quaratine is the fourth and final story in the 1990 annual.


It is the year of the big heat wave, and many incoming ships have sickness aboard. They have to fly a yellow exchequered flag, showing they are in quarantine for forty days, and warning all shipping to stay clear. One particular morning, Ten Cents, Sunshine, and O.J. are at the harbour mouth, waiting for cleared ships. O.J. is giving wise words to the switchers in case they become suspicious on any incoming ships. Zorran watches this nearby and keeps a distance from any ships, reasoning for a good chance to get extra income for Captain Zero. Meanwhile, O.J. cannot handle the heat, so he sends Sunshine to go out to the bay to look for any ships. He finds Nantucket, but as Sunshine steams towards him, he brings his flag down. Already in a state of confusion, Zorran steams up and hurries towards Nantucket, thinking he has been cleared. In a state of doubt, Sunshine asks Port Authority and is glad he did not go near him. He needs another whole week on inspection. Sunshine arrives at the Star Pier, relieved to be out of trouble. As for Zorran, all the luck pours down allover him, as he is quarantined.