The Salvage Fleet is a tug fleet located Up River. Not much is known about the fleet as its captain was not seen. It is possible that the fleet works for naval companies and armies, as Billy Shoepack was seen transporting gasoline, ropes, fuses and dynamites.

Billy Shoepack is a member of this fleet. Sunshine formerly used to be part of this fleet. According to both Sunshine and Shoepack, there used to be a floating crane, but it apparently got scrapped.

The tugs of the Salvage Fleet seen to be painted in white.

In the Star Tugs Trust Ltd.'s blog if it would be a season 2, they said that the tugs would leave Bigg City Port for a while and making some contracts to the Salvage Fleet Up River,revealing their former Captain or Leader and more tugs would be introduced.

The Tugs

Salvage Fleet
Billy ShoepackSunshine (formerly) • Dynamite Barges

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