The Schooners
  • Type: Cargo Ships

The Schooners are big ships used to carry cargo and lots of other goods. They were used throughout the series as extras but were eventually phased out by trampers.

Captain Star once ordered Boomer to tow a schooner, but unfortunately lightning striked the schooner's sails. Fire Tug later towed Boomer and the burnt-out schooner to Bigg City Port.




  • It is unknown whether or not the schooners were supposed to have character roles in the cancelled second season of TUGS.
  • After the series finale of TUGS, one of the schooners' models were recycled and reused for the sister show of TUGS; Thomas & Friends.
  • It is currently unknown where the models for the schooners are, especially after the models were no longer in use for Thomas & Friends as it eventually moved to using CGI animation.
  • One of the schooners were seen in the end credits of TUGS.


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