This article is about The Tugboat Fleet. You may be looking for The Star Tugs Company.

The Star Fleet's logo

The Star Fleet, owned by the Star Tug and Marine Company, is the group of tugboats who are the main protagonists in the television series, TUGS. They are based off the tugs of the San Francisco waters from the 1920s. Throughout the series, the Star Fleet's main rivals were Captain Zero's Z-Stacks.


Former Members


  • Top Hat and Grampus are the only Star Fleet members yet to be found.
  • Big Mac, O.J., Top Hat, and Grampus are the only Star Fleet members to retain their other face masks.
  • Zebedee helped the star tugs when they had trouble with the Princess Alice in High Winds. After that incident, Zebedee was offered a place in the star tugs company, but he refused.


Star Fleet
Ten CentsBig MacO.J.Top HatWarriorHerculesSunshine
Captain StarGrampus

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