"Ten Cents' Busy Day"

Fiona Hardwick


Anna Kiernan



Release date


Ten Cents' Busy Day is an original storybook published in 1990 by HEINEMANN, written by Fiona Hardwick and illustrated by Anna Kiernan.


The story focuses on a normal day for Ten Cents, as he does jobs around the harbour with the other tugboats and ships.


An anthropomorphic sun appears observing the tugs.


  • Zorran is shown with only one tooth, when he is supposed to have two. The one tooth is also shown in the centre just like Sunshine's.
  • The cover incorrectly depicts Ten Cents as a harbour tug, while in reality he is supposed to be a harbour switcher.
  • For an unknown reason, nearly all of the splash rails on the characters are yellow.
  • Ten Cents, Sunshine, Big Mac and Warrior's whistles all appear to have eyes and noses, although Ten Cents is the only tug whose whistle has a face in the TV series.
  • Lillie Lightship's eyeshadow is purple instead of blue.
  • The eagle on Ten Cents' wheelhouse is white.
  • Warrior's fire hose is missing.


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