Ten Cents' Busy Day is an original storybook published in 1990 by HEINEMANN, written by Fiona Hardwick and illustrated by Anna Kiernan.


The story focuses on a normal day for Ten Cents, as he does jobs around the harbour with the other tugboats and ships.


An anthropomorphic sun appears observing the tugs.


  • Zorran is shown with only one tooth, when he is supposed to have two. The one tooth is also shown in the centre just like Sunshine's.
  • The front cover incorrectly depicts Ten Cents as a harbour tug, while in reality he is supposed to be a harbour switcher.
  • For unknown reasons, nearly all of the splash rails on the characters are yellow.
  • Ten Cents, Sunshine, Big Mac and Warrior's whistles all appear to have eyes and noses, although Ten Cents is the only tug whose whistle has a face in the TV series.
  • Lillie Lightship's eyeshadow is purple instead of blue.
  • The eagle on Ten Cents' wheelhouse is white.
  • Warrior's fire hose is missing.