Ten Cents' Whistle

Ten Cents has a whistle with a face and a red flat cap.

The whistle had a role in the episode Jinxed, as it was thought that every time it sounded, something unlucky would happen to Boomer, the supposedly 'jinxed' tugboat. Like many other characters, Ten Cents has his own unique whistle sound that is usually heard with either two or three short blasts.
Ten Cents Hooter 01 01

Ten Cents is the only tugboat that has a sentient whistle. However, in the book Ten Cents' Busy Day, Big Mac, Warrior and Sunshine also had sentient whistles.


  • It is likely that the whistle being sentient was inspired by Tugs' inspiration, Walt Disney's "Little Toot".
  • On the cover of the 1989 annual and in the Sunshine picture book, the whistle had no eyes.
  • A large scale model of the whistle was made possibly to give it a much bigger role but it was never used.