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Ten Cents has an anthropomorphised whistle, complete with a face and a red hat.

In the episode Jinxed, the audience focuses their attention to the whistle as it is thought that every time it sounds, something unlucky happens to Boomer, the supposedly 'jinxed' tugboat. Like many other characters, Ten Cents has his own unique whistle sound that is usually heard with either two or three short blasts.


  • Ten Cents is the only tug to have an anthropomorphised whistle in the TV series. However, in the book Ten Cent's Busy Day, several other whistles have faces, a sign that other characters might have gained this feature in the cancelled future seasons of TUGS.
  • It is likely that the whistle anthropomorphised due to a similar feature in TUGS' inspiration, Walt Disney's 'Little Toot'.
  • On the cover on the 1989 annual and in the Sunshine photobook the whistle's eyes are unpainted.


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