"Be patient!"
— The Fuel Depot manager, Bigg Freeze


The Fuel Depot

The Fuel Depot is a small building which is located at a small port at the mouth of the river, leading into the ocean. It is unknown which company operates it.


The Fuel Depot is locally in charge of supplying fuel such as kerosene to the town and into fuel barges to deliver upon water by the tugs. This location made its main appearance in the episode Bigg Freeze, and played the role to fuel Zorran's barge so that he could deliver the contents to the S.S. Vienna's heating plant.

The man in charge of this fuelling operation speaks with a Welsh accent, though no more information is provided. He speaks with a megaphone from a window of the very small controlling hut located upon the pier.

This was the location that an argument of persuasion took place between Ten Cents, Sunshine, Zip, Zug and Zorran. This was over whether or not the fuel should be given to the S.S. Vienna by Zorran or Lillie Lightship by the Star switchers.



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