O. Krappenschmitt
  • Affiliation: Municipal Garbage Corporation
"Is that you, Warrior?"
"Uh, yes, sir. It's me, sir."
"Have you got Lord Stinker with you?"
"He's here, sir. Empty, and we need to work, sir."
"There's no garbage today, right?
O. Krappenschmitt and Warrior, Regatta

O. Krappenschmitt is the garbage master and manager of the Municipal Garbage Corporation, who only appeared in the episode Regatta, where he and Jack told Warrior that there was no garbage today because of the regatta. Instead, he decided to fill up Lord Stinker with prime colourful garbage and streamers.



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  • His name is a reference to one of the many mature jokes the crew used on the set, that being oh c*** and s***.
  • The model of his office was later turned into the quarry master's office.