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The Munitions Factory is a location that produces supplies to the navy.

It is mostly seen in the episode Munitions, where the Z-Stacks had the contract to serve the navy with explosives. It is also seen in Jinxed, where Boomer the jinxed tug supposedly caused a barge to explode.

Both the Star and Zero Fleets compete for munitions contracts because transporting the deadly cargo can be a good source of income.

Behind the Scenes

The Munitions Warehouse also served as two other warehouses. It was reused in in Pirate, as the thieves' hiding spot, and was also the old factory that got blown up at the end of Up River. The remains of the warehouse were last seen in Bigg Freeze .


  • Rumours say Sea Rogue lives or works here, as the Munitions Factory symbol is on his smokestack.


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