"All tugs ready for target practice. Stand by to fire at white flag."
— The Navy Ship, Regatta


The Navy Ship
  • Affiliation: Navy

The navy ship is a warship that works for the navy, it only appeared in the episode Regatta. It intended to blow up Grampus as part of target practice but Ten Cents, Big Mac, O.J. and Top Hat saved Grampus by replacing him with a timber barge as an alternative. It didn't notice it and blew up the timber barge instead of Grampus. The ship only speaks in the TV version, where it yells a warning to the tugs, who are in the way.

It's currently unknown where the navy ship's model is. It could have been sold to TUGS' sister show, Thomas & Friends, lost, or thrown away.



  • Regatta (speaks only in TV version, does not speak in VHS version)

Voice Actor


The Navy
BluenoseGrampus (formerly)
The Naval ShipKraka-Toa

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