"I doubt you saw Neptune, Sunshine, he's from fairy tales."
Hercules, Ghosts


The Neptune Face

The Neptune Face only appeared in the episode Ghosts. When Ten Cents and Sunshine were taking fuel out to Lillie Lightship one night, a ghostly, old, rotten galleon floated up to the surface. The two switchers were amazed. Then with a sudden crack of lightning, the unimaginable happened. The Neptune face appeared, making Ten Cents and Sunshine amazed and truly frightened. They couldn't believe their eyes and forgot about Lillie and her fuel. They headed back to Port, astounded.

Although Hercules could explain how the galleon could float up to the surface, he doubted the fact that the two switchers had seen Neptune's face.

The model for Neptune's face was a foam puppet that was hung from the ceiling of the set.