The Unlucky Tug
"The Unlucky Tug"

Fiona Hardwick



Release date


The Unlucky Tug is a book adaption of the episode Jinxed.

Publisher's Cover Blurb

In Bigg City Port there are two tugboat companies - The Star Tugs owned by Captain Star and the Z-Stacks, owned by Captain Zero. The Stars are honest and hardworking but their rivals, the Z-Stacks are not to be trusted and often cause trouble.

When Boomer says he's a jinxed tug, Ten Cents and Sunshine don't believe him. Then, when so many things start going wrong, they wonder if he is jinxed after all. Boomer's tug days are over, but thanks to the Captain's good idea, Boomer ends up as a house boat - and the jinx disappears!


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